Jessica cruz first appearance

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Jessica cruz first appearance

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Use of power ring grants:. Baz is an officer of the Green Lantern Corpsan extraterrestrial police force. Simon Baz was a Lebanese-American child living in Dearborn, Michiganduring the events of the September 11 attacks in Growing up, Simon and his sister Sira were both persecuted due to their ethnicity.

As a young adult, Simon got involved in street racing, and eventually car theft; the former put his brother-in-law in a coma in the hospital.

Simon is fired from his job and, in a moment of desperation, he steals a car. While trying to evade the police in the stolen vehicle, Simon finds out that there is a bomb in it. Simon drives the van into the abandoned car factory he was laid off from, knowing that no one would be hurt in the explosion. The resulting explosion is seen as an act of terrorism by the authorities, and Simon is brought in for questioning.

As Simon is being interrogated, Hal Jordan and Sinestro 's rings fused and form a malfunctioning Green Lantern Power Ring that finds Simon, and selects him as the new wielder, flying him away from captivity.

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With their suspect gone, the federal agents interrogating Simon contact Amanda Waller about the situation, a transmission Cyborg of the Justice League picks up. Cyborg relays the transmission to Batman and asks if anyone has spoken to Hal Jordan since he quit the League. Meanwhile, Simon lies on the ground, knocked out, while elsewhere, the Third Army begins to spread. After waking up, Simon turns over a new leaf and helps stop the Third Army. However, he eventually runs into the Justice League, being wrongfully accused of taking Hal hostage.

In doing so, the ring goes into defense mode and attacks the League. In a panic, Baz retreats and meets with his sister. Sira is able to track down the original owner of the van leaving Simon to try and clear his name. Green Lantern B'dg arrives looking for Hal Jordan. It is also revealed that Sinestro is responsible for Simon's selection as a Green Lantern as he chose someone who was very much like himself.

He also wanted his recruit to be the one to finally destroy the Guardians of the Universe. Simon learns how to recharge his ring by retrieving his Lantern in the Coast City Graveyard. After learning that his ring's charge could die on him, Simon takes a gun with him as a precaution. He learns from B'dg that his ring might be able to wake his brother-in-law from his coma.

They head to the hospital where Simon is able to heal the damage to his brother-in-law's brain. Simon and B'dg then rescue Guy Gardner from prison. At the end of the "Rise of the Third Army", the First Lantern Volthoom escapes, intending to change reality to his will. Sinestro tells Simon that he was killed by Black Hand.

Green Lantern (Jessica Cruz) (G2)

Hal says Simon can't be dead because he still has the ring on. Sinestro then attacks Simon trying to get the ring.CBCS Comics. Submit Comics Help Authenticate. Not a CBCS member yet? Collector 4. Collector Collector 2. Collector 7. Collector 1. Terms of Use Community Rules.

Maybe somebody that has slabbed copies of both can chime in on this topic. I am also wondering. I could not find a graded Justice League I think it will come down to how a lot of the others are. New Mutants 86, Cable is in it, but his first appearance is considered Same for Venom, and Wolverine.

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These situations they usually call the tease the "first cameo appearance" and the next one the "first full appearance. CGC lists the following on Green Lantern Where do they put First appearance of on the CGC case? I didn't do no fast pass or anything since I did submit over 10 books, some SS, so we will just have to wait it out. Quote: Originally Posted by DarthLego These situations they usually call the tease the "first cameo appearance" and the next one the "first full appearance.

Yeah, like 4 months ago I went to all the LCS and just picked them off like crazy. They were looking at me like I was nuts. I am going to do the same Fearless Defenders 10!

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Is Jessica Cruz about to blow up? I mean is there a chance of her appearance on one of the tv shows or movies? Well she is going to be a part of the Justice League, I do know one of the writers said that DC is going to push her hard since they only got Wonderwoman-Harley Quinn as there 2 women who tend to sell for DC. I thought they weren't allowed to leave Earth, and her ring isn't even a Green Lantern ring.

Jessica and Simon are the featured Lanterns in the new Rebirth story. I look forward to seeing what it says.

Have you gotten your book back yet? I like her character and how she has flaws to overcome.

jessica cruz first appearance

It will be cool to see her overcome them.Enjoy unlimited streaming access to original DC series with new episodes available weekly.

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Barbara Gordon and Barry Allen Moments - DC Superhero Girls

DC Universe Social. Press Inquiries. Sites DC.After graduation, Jessica was uncertain of what she wanted to do with her life. There was nothing she felt she excelled at or was particularly interested in.

College seemed like a waste of money to Jessica and her grades were not impressive enough to merit a scholarship. Aside from the long nature hikes, Jessica found the experience exhausting as all the other counselors were nothing but slackers in heat, more interested in hooking up with each other than enjoying nature or mentoring the children at the camp. Jessica worked the other eight months of the year as a waitress at a folksy diner and a part-time clerk at a video shop remember those? Jessica repeated this pattern for much longer than she cared to admit.

By twenty-one, she was assistant manager and she really did not see much changing about her life. While training a new batch of counselors, Jessica took the frisky teens on a hike to show them the route and while doing so, the group came upon the Aryan Brigade disposing of the bodies of two police officers.

Jessica Cruz (Prime Earth)

Someone screamed and when the gunfire broke out, Jessica just ran. She was not alone at first, but one by one her peers dropped to the ground and fell behind. A search party found her two days later, completely catatonic and covered in mud and blood. Volthoom was actually the first Green Lantern of Sector As a result, the ring was cast into space and forgotten.

jessica cruz first appearance

It had taken the ring nearly eight years to reach our solar system and find its way to Earth where it landed in the middle of a canyon and would remain for several months. The journey had left it weak and Volthoom needed a host whose mind was so shaken that it could be easily taken over.

To that end, the possessed Jessica became a founding member of the Salvation Syndicate where Volthoom even teamed up with Ma'alefa'akthe Martian responsible for the psychic disturbance. But with every evil act that Volthoom force Jessica to witness, her resolve grew stronger, until she finally overcame her fears and used her own courage to take control of the ring.

During an intense battle between the Justice League and the now exposed criminals of the Salvation Syndicate, Jessica Cruz did what should have been impossible. In that moment, Jessica turned the tide of the battle and allowed the Justice League to rally their effort and beat the Syndicate into retreat from the Watchtower. Even though the Lantern Corps removed her ring and returned her to her sister, Jessica was still haunted by the memory of Volthoom.

Feeling that she could still hear Volthoom taunting her, she reached out to the Corps and John Stewart agreed to meet with her. When he heard of her difficulties, John tried to assure her that the ring had been disposed of and Volthoom was gone. Just four months later, when John was given another ring to recruit a new member for the Lantern Corps, Jessica came up as the best candidate for the ring.

While investigating the reason why John had Jessica brought in to the Hall of Justice. Though it no doubt caused her a great deal of stress to do so, Jessica did it. Once she donned the ring, John and the other Lanterns saw why it was the ring had chose her. This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Jessica Cruz

Universal Conquest Wiki.A-Bomb Rick Jones. Abigail Arcane. Abigail Brand. Abra Kadabra. Abraham Ford.

jessica cruz first appearance

Absorbing Man. Adam Strange. Adam Warlock. Addy Brock. Agatha Harkness. Agent 13 Sharon Carter. Agent Agent Coulson. Agent Venom Flash Thompson. Agent X Alex Hayden. Ajax Francis Fanny. Alex Wilder. Alfred Pennyworth. Alicia Masters. Alloy Ramone Watts.

Alpha Andy Maguire. Amadeus Cho. Amanda Waller.Jessica Cruz is a tan-skinned teenage girl with green eyes and long brown hair.

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She wears a black and green Green Lantern corps suit, featuring the corps logo in the centre of her chest. She also wears a green face-mask, some white gloves, alongside her Green Lantern ring.

Prior to becoming a Lantern, as shown in the web-series, Jessica has brown eyes and is wearing a black vest, with a green sweater wrapped around her waist and long-blue leggings. She is voiced by Cristina Milizia in the English version. Her Green Lantern ring is voiced by Matthew Mercer. When Grundy appears, she ducks under a table and comes out after Grundy is defeated.

Batgirl encourages Jessica to accept becoming the new Green Lantern to defeat Sinestro. In Ring Me Maybe Part 4she battles Sinestro after he captures Supergirland defeats him using constructs of Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl which defeat his own as Batgirl saves her kidnapped schoolmates, after which Lois notices her as the new Green Lantern.

Soon after, she accepts to become a new Super Hero High student. In Ha-Ha HorticultureGreen Lantern appears flying in front of the school with other students before being put to sleep by fumes from Poison Ivy 's sleeping poppy experiment.

She is presumably woken up when Ivy and Harley Quinn distribute pollen in the school to counteract its effects. In Tamaranean Dance Club Part 1she attends the dance at Super Hero High foyer with Korrugar Academy students, but does not appear being ejected by Bleez and Lobo or participating in the ensuing fight against the Korrugar students.

In By the YearbookJessica saves a construction worker hanging from a suspended i-beam using a slide construct as Wonder Woman takes pictures for the Super Hero High yearbook. She later appears flying in a school hallway looking at a completed yearbook with Mary Marvel.

In the first part of Fortress of SolidarityGreen Lantern appears skating around the tree during Super Hero High's winter holiday ceremony. She later gives a tray of tamales from her family to Thunder and Lightning and watches the tree lighting ceremony. Sign In Don't have an account?

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Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Stub This article is a stub. Cloud Amethyst Master Alchemist.Green Lantern is the name of several superheroes appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.

They have been adapted to television, video games, and motion pictures. This Green Lantern's real name was Alan Scotta railroad engineer who, after a railway crash, came into possession of a magic lantern which spoke to him and said it would bring power.

From this, he crafted a magic ring which gave him a wide variety of powers. The limitations of the ring were that it had to be "charged" every 24 hours by touching it to the lantern for a time, and that it could not directly affect objects made of wood. Alan Scott fought mostly ordinary human villains, but he did have a few paranormal ones such as the immortal Vandal Savage and the zombie Solomon Grundy. Most stories took place in New York. As a popular character in the s, the Green Lantern featured both in anthology books such as All-American Comics and Comic Cavalcadeas well as his own book, Green Lantern.

After World War II the popularity of superheroes in general declined. When superheroes came back in fashion in later decades, the character Alan Scott was revived, but he was forever marginalized by the new Hal Jordan character who had been created to supplant him see below. Initially, he made guest appearances in other superheroes' books, but eventually got regular roles in books featuring the Justice Society. He never got another solo series. Between andDC Comics changed Alan Scott's superhero codename to "Sentinel" in order to distinguish him from the newer and more popular science fiction Green Lanterns.

Inthe Alan Scott character was revamped. His costume was redesigned and the source of his powers was changed to that of the mystical power of nature referred to in the stories as "the Green".

Hal Jordan's powers were more or less the same as Alan Scott's, but otherwise this character was completely different than the Green Lantern character of the s. He had a new name, a redesigned costume, and a rewritten origin story. Hal Jordan received his ring from a dying alien and was commissioned as an officer of the Green Lantern Corpsan interstellar law enforcement agency overseen by the Guardians of the Universe.

Hal Jordan was introduced in Showcase 22 September—October Gil Kane and Sid Greene were the art team most notable on the title in its early years, along with writer John Broome. His initial physical appearance, according to Kane, was patterned after his one-time neighbor, actor Paul Newman.

With issue 76 Aprilthe series made a radical stylistic departure. Editor Schwartz, in one of the company's earliest efforts to provide more than fantasy, worked with the writer-artist team of Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams to spark new interest in the comic book series and address a perceived need for social relevance. They added the character Green Arrow with the cover, but not the official name, retitled Green Lantern Co-Starring Green Arrow and had the pair travel through America encountering "real world" issues, to which they reacted in different ways — Green Lantern as fundamentally a lawman, Green Arrow as a liberal iconoclast.

Additionally during this run, the groundbreaking " Snowbirds Don't Fly " story was published issues 85 and 86 in which Green Arrow's teen sidekick Speedy the later grown-up hero Red Arrow developed a heroin addiction that he was forcibly made to quit.

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The stories were critically acclaimed, with publications such as The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journaland Newsweek citing it as an example of how comic books were "growing up". The title saw a number of revivals and cancellations.

It changed to Green Lantern Corps at one point as the popularity rose and waned. During a time there were two regular titles, each with a Green Lantern, and a third member in the Justice League. A new character, Kyle Raynerwas created to become the feature while Hal Jordan first became the villain Parallaxthen died and came back as the Spectre.

Johns began to lay groundwork for " Blackest Night " released July 13, [6]viewing it as the third part of the trilogy started by Rebirth.

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